Why Winguzone?

Pre-deployed Apache Cassandra cluster with plenty of added improvements and security.
data center rack

There are some steps you need to follow in order to use a database, or any software in actual fact:

-Buy, allocate and manage some hardware

Preferably purchase new if not share existing hardware. Failing that run VPS (Virtual Private Service) on any providers such as Amazon.

-Anticipate problems

You don’t know in advance what performance you may need, how many nodes will be sufficient. If you don’t allocate enough resources you can enter into performance problems, but if you buy too much you’re just wasting your money. If your business grows then, you will need to adjust your software and farm to the demands you’re getting be it at-home hardware or cloud VPS.

-Let us help with these issues

Winguzone has launched their flexible servers farms on a leading VPS provider- Amazon. Constantly adjusting the computing resources to load this achieves the optimal cost-to-performance ratio which can lead to a lower cost to clients.

-Download, install and configure software and network

You could be a Java or PHP developer who has his work and tasks so do you want to learn the intricacies of launching a Cassandra cluster? On top of this you’d need to run and configure Linux and build a network, do you have the time, knowledge or workforce to do this? We have already done this for you so you can start using your Cassandra database in mere minutes.

-Worry about reliability, backups and security

Do you have a small existing service which already satisfies your needs? Do you feel you don’t need a cluster? What about backups? Even RAID-array can be burnt out easily by a breakthrough in PSU. You can establish a cluster by yourself but it will still be placed within one physical location at your office or in the base camp at your ISP site. If there is an issue with power, or a natural disaster your database might become unavailable or even destroyed. At Winzuzone our servers are running in multiple different geographical locations and in different availability zones in each location. Depending on your needs your data can be replicated and stores across various points in order to keep it safe. This means that even in the complete worst case scenario your data will be kept safe and available to you. If you launch businesses which are accessible from all over the world via mobile application then you may need to restrict access from certain countries in order to minimize the risk of fraud or hackers who might want to steal your data. Sure you might be able to do this yourself and deal with firewall setups and configuration but we can do it for you. Winguzone provides unique features including custom IP and Geo-spatial filtration. You can easily choose which countries have access to your DB and which do not.

-Regularly update new versions

To get the latest bug-fixes and other things we regularly update new versions before the next full version is released. We continuously monitor Apache Cassandra for new fixes, improvements and we update our servers with the best suitable versions for our customers’ needs.
If you are ready to use the Apache Cassandra database with plenty of added improvements, security and with disaster recovery then welcome to Winguzone.

For more details please visit Tutorial, FAQ and Winguzone Apache Cassandra Managed Services pages.