Why Cassandra?

The Apache Cassandra database is the right choice when you need scalability and high availability without compromising performance

Apache Cassandra is a top level Apache project which was born out of Facebook and built on by services such as Amazon’s Dynamo and Google’s Big Table. It is a database which is designed to manage extensive amounts of structure data across servers while at the same time providing a high service level and not a single point of failure.

You can use Apache Cassandra for numerous purposes including learning, development, testing or production. If you need zero-effort time install and multi-region replication to ensure that your data is never lost then Cassandra is the tool for you. Whatever you need there is a reason why Cassandra is the best service to use. WinguZone is proud to be able to bring you Cassandra As A Service (CaaS).
The Apache Cassandra database is the best choice if you need scalability and high availability without having to compromise the performance.Cassandra offers users the capabilities that other relational databases can not match including linear scale performance, continuous availability, easy data distribution across different data centres, simplicity in its operation and vast availability zones. The architecture used with Cassandra is responsible for its ability to perform continuously rather than using a master- slave or manual. This means that the service is quick moving, easy to set up and most importantly easy to maintain. There is no concept of a ‘master node’ as all nodes play an identical role on the field. Cassandra is, therefore, capable of handling huge amounts of data and thousands of operations per second or concurrent users across various data centres; the system manages this as easily as another system would to a single query.Cassandra is favoured by some massive companies including Apple, Spotify, Netflix, Instagram, eBay and many more, so if it’s good enough for them it’s good enough for you.

What is Apache Cassandra good for?

With WinguZone’s Apache Cassandra service we can get you started in seconds and allow you to grow your database without the distress you may have encountered before. You may start on a small scale but you can automatically scale upwards in just a few simple clicks. WinguZone is also really fast so gone are the days of waiting for downloads or updates.

Developing, operations and central IT are all core functions of the Apache Cassandra service and there are many benefits of running with this service which includes:

The service is always on architecture

Unlike other databases, Cassandra delivers seamless availability to all of your applications.

Natively distributed

Cassandra has a gold standard in multi-data center supplies and can be read anywhere allowing you to easily put data anywhere in the world where it is needed.

Fast linear-scale performance

Cassandra enables response times in milliseconds with linear scalability to deliver response time in quick times that customers expect.

Flexible data model

The model allows for new attributes or entities to be added at any time and you’re not restricted to a rigid model that can’t evolve to your businesses needs.

Massive language drivers

Cassandra is here to support an array of language drivers to ensure that regardless of your applicaiton it runs smoothly. This can be Ruby, Java, Go, Python, C#.NET, C++ and many more.

Stronger community of developers

There is an expansive community which surrounds the Apache Cassandra world with support developers working on the services alongside developing applications that provide leverage to the database.

You can learn more details about starting using Apache Cassandra through our Tutorial page, view attractive plans and prices, read FAQ and about WinguZone.