Hosted and Managed Apache Cassandra Services.

Your Apache Cassandra Cluster will run on pre-installed and provisioned servers in different Clouds and locations.

Managed Apache Cassandra

We install, maintain and support Apache Cassandra installation in the Cloud. All you need is create Cassandra cluster on preferable cloud provider in the desired location (we have a worldwide presence) and start using your cluster with cqlsh or proffered programming language. Visit “Getting Started” page for more details.

We monitor cluster performance and adjust hardware and nodes number as necessary. Also we manage software updates, correct any problems, so you can concentrate on your main job – using Apache Cassandra.

Winguzone Cassandra clusters are running on major Cloud based servers providers. All nodes are installed in different hardware facilities (a.k.a. availability zones, fault domains, pods) or even different data centers *. Combined with multiple replication factor your data remains safe and available even in a case of electricity/connectivity failure in one or even two facilities.

* Depending on specific cloud provider and location.

Each cluster supports replication factor up to three, ensuring that cluster can tolerate failure of one third of nodes without consistency and data degradation and failure of two thirds of nodes without permanent data loss.

Winguzone Apache Cassandra Clusters Cloud presence