Cassandra cluster on Azure

Winguzone provides a fully managed Apache Cassandra clusters on Microsoft Azure.

Cassandra cluster on Azure

Winguzone provides Managed Cassandra clusters hosted on Microsoft Azure in the major US and Europe locations.
All power of Azure at your service, including:

  • 1 Gbit network
  • Nodes distributed in Azure Availability Set – i.e. set of different physical infrastructure blocks, ensuring that in the case of some hardware failure only part of the cluster will be affected.
  • Data at Rest Encryption – all data written to disk are encrypted with 256-bit AES encryption, one of the strongest available, and even if a perpetrator gives physical access to storage, he wouldn’t be able to read your data. Encryption process and keys are managed by Microsoft Azure infrastructure.

Our prices start from $25/mo for fully managed and running multi-node Apache Cassandra Cluster.


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Cluster in Cloud

from $25/mo
Max. Replication Factor 3
DB Tables 10
Storage is calculated through all nodes as raw folder size
CQL Operations 1M
Traffic (IN/OUT) 1GB

Excessive consumption charges will be calculated based on the price table

Excessive consumption charges

Pricing is metered based on your monthly usage.
CQL Operations $1 per 1M
Traffic (IN/OUT) $1 per 1GB

Extra Tables Package

Add more tables to your database for $25 per 25 tables
(max 100 tables).
If you need more tables, please contact our customer support.

Extra Storage Package

Add more Storage to your database for $10 per 10GB

If you need more storag, please contact our customer support.